The Spire of Mysterious Origin

The Story So Far
In Which the Major Players (Almost) Meet

Our story begins in a dark and dingy dungeon, as many stories often do. Justin “Emeril Lagasse” Cider awoke to find himself imprisoned in the infamous Greymire Prison, home to the ruthless vagabonds and cutthroats of Outer Spire so unlucky to be caught in their deeds by the city’s elite police force, the Spider Guard.

His cell had nothing in it, save for some corners and a good view of other prisoners who seemed to have long since descended into madness. Before the dark elf had been able to fully assess his situation, a guard (of the non-spider variety) came in to view.

“Finally awake, are you? Well, on your feet. It’s time to work.”
“No,” said the drow, with as much venom as he could muster. The guard silently opened the cell door and swiftly bashed Mr. Cider on his head with the flat of his blade. The elf rethought his previous stance and reluctantly followed the guard out of the cell while two others followed close behind him.

Justin was guided to the yard, where many of the other prisoners were hitting large rocks with small hand pickaxes, succeeding in seemingly nothing but turning them into smaller rocks. Surely an exercise to crush morale more than anything. One of the guards thrusted a pickax into Justin’s hands.

After the elf begrudgingly swung his implement a few times and the guards walked away, a group of three rough-looking humans came up and accosted him.

“Well lookit dis, if it idn’t anudder filfy fucken drowf,” said the largest one.

“We don’ loik yur kind round ere, Long-ear,” said the one to the right. He had a slight crook to his stature. The third one took a swing at the elf, but he deftly avoided the punch. The surrounding prisoners took note of the scuffle, and began to form into a ring around the four.

The spectacle caught the eyes of two other elves in the crowd, Candy Cummings and Andrasté Xiloscient. The three humans tried desperately to connect a blow, but Justin was too nimble to be touched. He parried every attack and landed a punch or two himself, but knew he couldn’t keep it up forever and was bound to be overwhelmed. It was at this point that the crooked one’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, with a hideous “thunk” accompanying.

“Holy fuck! You just killed Tallstag!” The large one.

“And I won’t hesitate to do it you too, round-ear,” said Andrasté, an intimidating elf to behold. Slender but pure muscle, with tattoos covering most of her visible body. In her right hand she clutched a rock, freshly splattered with gore. Run along back to your gang, whelps. You’re outnumbered now."

The two humans scampered off into the crowd. Andrasté and Candy grabbed Justin and pulled him off to a spot under a guard tower, cleverly positioned under a supporting structure so as to be out of obvious view.

“You really know how to move, boy,” said Andrasté. “We could use someone with your skills.”

“Who are you, exactly?” said Justin Cider.

“We are the Long-Eared Alliance,” said Candy Cummings. “Trust us, you are going to need our help if you want to survive.”

Meanwhile, on the eastern side of the city, Ander Windrivver was being escorted back from his latest mission to the Eastern Spider Guard Barracks by two of his compatriots, Deputies Marky and Mark. Windrivver had let a perp get away, with his expensively enchanted helmet, nonetheless. He was sure to get an earful from his superiors in the debriefing.

He entered the barracks and parted ways with his fellows. He was instructed by a Sergeant whose name escaped him to report to Commissioner Salazar. Commissioner Salazar was a sour shot of Cheap Blade Whiskey, with a permanent scowl. When he entered the Commissioner’s office, he immediately asked Windrivver who he was and what he was doing there.

####Brief Synopsis####

Ander tells Salazar about how he let one of the rogues caught at Horatio’s place get away with his helmet. Salazar is furious and dismisses him. Ander talks with his CO, Captain Gerrin who tells him that he is T report to the Western Spider Guard Barracks, which has a dock used to transport prisoners T Greymire. He is told he will be briefed on a mission that will take place in Greymire. Ander leaves the eastern barracks.

On his way to the other barracks, Ander is surprised by a crow, wearing his Spider Helmet. The two share some tense words and Ander attempts to bring the drow to justice, but the rogue proves to be much too quick to subdue. The drow tells him that he will give him back his helmet, but he wants Ander’s help in breaking his nephew out of Greymire. He also warns him that his purpose for being sent on a mission is likely nefarious, as those who fail when Horatio is directly involved, he claims are sent to Greymire and disappear. Ander snatches up his helmet and continues on his way.

Ruta Underbow arrives in the city, and entered the Large Demon Bar in an attempt to find information on Representative Rilo Wee-dimples, the halfling consul. There she meets Proserpine Nyx, a tiefling who had been staying in one of the rooms upstairs. She knew how to get to the consulate and agreed to escort her. Ruta attracted the attention of six halfling thugs who had it out for Rep. Wee-dimples. As Underbow and Nyx left the tavern, one of the very drunken the thugs attempted to punch Ruta, but was thwarted by Windrivver, who happened to be passing by at the time. He was also accompanied by a mysterious gnome who he had just started following him around.

Ander had to take the halfling thug to the consulate to be processed, so he accompanied Underbow, Nyx and the gnome there safely. At the consulate, Ruta met with Wre-dimples who told her she wanted her to find a way into the Spire from Greymire and figure out what the wizards employed by the Spider Guard have been doing there. She called in Ander afterward and informed him that, just like the drow, she believed that he was being sent to Greymire as some form of punishment. She warned him to be careful as the group left, en route to the western barracks.

Back in Greymire, Cider agreed to join the Long-Eared Alliance, and as initiation, was pushed into one of the guards who was investigating the dead human, Tallstag, by Andrasté.

The guards suspected Cider if committing the crime and attacked him. He defended himself, and then Candy Cummings joined in the freeway. Andrasé brained another guard from behind with a rock, and then smashed another in the face. Justin stole one of the dead guards spears and killed the final guard with it.

Andrasté praised him, and told him that they needed to lay low now for a while. She then said she was going to introduce him to the rest of the gang.

###end of session 1###


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