Greymire Prison

Greymire Prison is where the worst convicts of Outer Spire are sent to slowly die. There have been plenty of escape attempts in the years, but none have ever been successful. This is due largely to its location in the middle of Greymire Harbor, approximately 1,000 feet from the coast. It is not known how deep the waters of the harbor extend.

The prison itself sits on top of an outcropping about 100 ft above the water’s surface, and has large stone walls that extend up another fifty feet. During particularly torrential weather, it is not unheard of for water to splash into the main yard of the prison.

If one looks through the slits in the stone walls, a magnificent view of Outer Spire can be seen, as well as the towering Spire, constant reminders of what the incarcerated are missing.

The prisoners are forced to break rocks every day in the yard. The purpose of this is unclear, but most suspect that it is just an exercise to crush the spirits of the prisoners.

There are some rumors around that there may be a way into the Spire from the prison.

Greymire Prison

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