The High Council of Consuls

Outer Spire’s governing body is a republic comprised of consuls representing each civilized race that has a statistically significant population within the city.

There is a separate consulate for humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, dragonborn, tieflings, gnomes and even half-orcs and half-elves, whose members often loudly proclaim their desire to be disassociated from their respective parent races. Each consulate governs itself separately, and chooses its consul in its own way. For instance, the halfling consulate is generally chosen after a few long days of merry-making and story-telling, sharing with each other their tales of intrigue and derring-do in the face of adversity. The halfling with the most well-received stories typically becomes the consul.

Half-Orcs, on the other hand will have a battle tournament to choose their representative, while the human consul is usually chosen by gold.

Each consul meets weekly, forming the high council. Each member of the council represents his or her respective race, every one vying for fair conditions for their own. In this way, Outer Spire is a very progressive city, though the tenacity of racism has often shown to still pervade even in the High Council itself.

The High Council of Consuls

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